Running the Demo


Brix uses Apache Maven as the build tool. Apache Maven should be installed and properly configured for any source-related commands below. If for any reason unit tests are failing during the Maven build they can be skipped by appending -Dmaven.test.skip=true to the mvn command line

Running Brix

There are three main ways to run Brix:

git clone git:// brix
cd brix
git checkout master
mvn clean install
Run the Maven Embedded Jetty Container
cd brix-demo
mvn jetty:run

The url will be http://localhost:8080/index.html

Inside Eclipse

Setting up Eclipse for Maven

Before importing projects into Eclipse, you may need to add a classpath variable to point to your maven repository. Window->Preferences->Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables. Click New. For the name, enter M2_REPO For the value, enter your maven repository path, i.e. C:/Documents and Settings/joeuser/.m2/repository/

Setting up Brix in Eclipse

Checkout the code and generate the Eclipse project files.

git clone git:// brix
cd brix
mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources=true

Import projects into Eclipse (File > Import… > Existing Projects into Workspace) Right click in brix-demo/src/test/java and select Run/Debug as a Java Application Eclipse will start a Jetty server. Brix will be available athttp://localhost:8080

WAR Deployment

Download or build the WAR

git clone git:// brix
cd brix
mvn clean package

The built WAR will be available in brix/brix-demo/target/brixdemo.war Deploy the WAR Follow instructions for the Servlet container of your choice (e.g., Apache Tomcat) on how to deploy the WAR file. The url for the demo will behttp://localhost:8080/brixdemo

Deploying in an Application Server

Some application servers, like JBoss, do not like WAR files with packaged logging dependencies. If you get a logging-related error when deploying remove log4j and slf4j jars from WAR’s WEB-INF directory. (WAR is just a ZIP file so you can use your favorite ZIP tool to nuke the jars)

Configuring Demo

By default, Brix Demo will create and initialize a new JCR repository in a temporary directory. This behavior can be changed by editing the brixdemo.jcr.url location inside

brix/demo/ file.

The url is of form


Example of a Windows path:


Example of a Linux/OSX path:


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